February here we come…

Yes, I know…it is totally already February… but it is still pretty close to the start so it is all good 🙂

img_2986After the loveliness that was January with janathon and Yoga Dedicate from Yoga with Adriene and of course, walking 100 miles across the month (well 106 actually but you get the point) I was left with no idea of what to do in February.

So, in the spirit of training for my 50km walk challenge in September, and inspired by the shiny medal I got for January’s 100 miles, I signed up to get another shiny medal, but only if I walk 125 miles during february… Not all in one go, but spread out throughout the month.

More miles and fewer days is not madness at all!!

I have also decided I am going to attempt to keep up with the yoga practice, and follow the February yoga calander from YWA which is not a “30 days of yoga” but there is an associated playlist of some old and some new videos 🙂

February 2019 Yoga Calendar 3

(yes, it is the 5th feb and I am only starting it today, but I am sure it will be fine :-D)

I will keep you posted 😀


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