16th Century Shrimp

Otter Update 🙂

The Otter Chronicles

Greetings chaps!

Hows everything going out there?

I suppose you can’t answer that, but it seems polite to ask.

Actually I’d be extremely grateful if someone could give me an accurate update on what is going on out there in the human part of the UK. We have been following broadcasts from your news establishments, well Lucy has, and she has been giving me updates and the like. I am given to understand that the humans, for some unfathomable reason, voted to leave the EU some time back. Now I am told that their political types have done nothing but argue and have not even got a sensible sandwich policy worked out. The whole things seems like a lot of utter nonsense!Those chaps need to get their acts together and no mistake, I am considering writing a strongly worded letter to the woman who claims to be in charge! It…

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By Sam Catchpole

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