I did new things in March

I have been trying new things!!

They are all awesome and I love them!!

Do all the new things!!

Ok…I feel I might need to get somewhat more specific than that in order to make this post coherent and interesting…

So these new things…

The first new thing is something I should have done a long time ago…

I have been working on my mobility and flexibility.

I vaguely attempted to do this in the past with my attempts at yoga which I have loved, but I have never had anyone actually assessing me and telling me what to do and piling weights on my until I can bend much further (yes really that…I’ll get to it in a minute)

I have been telling you about Project love, which has made me reevaluate a lot of things and allowed me to moderate my thinking, well one of the other things I got out of being part of this project is 4 1to1 training sessions with the amazing Donna.

During these sessions we decide it would be good to do something a bit different to the heavy lifting / crazy circuit / functional training stuff I normally do because, well, that is what I normally do and it would be good to give myself a different sort of challenge and work on something I normally neglect. So we embarked on a series of exercises which challenge and increase my mobility, and it runs out I have more flexibility and the like than I thought I had. All I had to do is make my muscles and brain remember what they could do.

Thanks to Donna for the picture 🙂 I had no idea I could do this!

The windmill move, that one in the picture where I have a weight balanced on my hand, that move is one I saw Donna demonstrate and thought, “well that would be lovely but there is no way I can do that…” or words to that effect. As it turns out, when given direction from someone who apparently had more faith in me than I did, I can actually do it after all. and that weight wasn’t tied on or put on after I maneuvered into that position…I started with it up in the air over my head then slid down sideways and twisted my arm around…

At no point did I drop any weights on my head or anything!! I was pretty impressed with myself not to mention surprised!



Not only did I do those things but I did other excellent mobility exercises where I, for example, bent forward and had weights piled on me and did lateral lunges and finally had the ability / courage to bend my leg properly and lean sideways…

It is not easy to see how much of an improvement I have made, but believe me I felt completely different, I actually felt like I could move like a person rather than a lump 🙂

The rest of the new things are really new versions of old things but still…

I have new boots (my old ones had holes in) and I have been finding new places to walk around! I have been doing so much walking, both on the quest for 150 miles in march and the training for the 50km Thames Path Challenge in September.

I have to say I have been enjoying all the walking a lot more than I thought I would 😀


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