Too perturbed for pies!

Too perturbed for pies?! this is dire indeed!!

The Otter Chronicles

I am troubled!

Extremely troubled I tell you! So troubled, in fact that not even the tremendous skate and snail mini pies at the security meeting could distract me!

They were fantastic pies too, all skate, with just the right amount of snail to add to the texture…

No no no! I am troubled, not to mention concerned, disquieted and quite possibly perturbed too! I have just returned from the meeting called by Olivia Sharpclaws Head of the Otter Security Council here at the Holt. Fine Otter, Olivia, extremely down to earth and unshakable. Always has things firmly in paw that one.

img_4645 Olivia Sharpclaws

That is until the last couple of weeks. Not Olivia’s fault of course, but there have been some recent developments that have caused much consternation within the security council!

I have always left Olivia and her team, for the most part, to their own devices. Generally…

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By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,

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