May miles…and other activities

So now it is May… and I have been back from holiday for a week (booo) so I thought it was high time to let you in on my recent activity.

First and foremost I have continued my quest for increased walking and activity by signing up with Race at Your Pace to walk 150 miles (242km) during the month of May. It is going pretty well so far, I have covered 70.1 miles (112.8km). This is 12 miles ahead of where I need to be to reach target, so I am considering upping the goal to 175 miles, that just seems like such a lot for someone who has to sit down 8 hrs a day.

miles may

The other reason I signed up for all these miles is the impending 50km Thames Path Challenge walk. Well impending-ish…it is in September but that will be here before we know it and I really need to amp up my training!!

So that is the walking…

I have also returned to the gym with renewed enthusiasm…well…I always had enthusiasm…I just needed a rest so it would show…

I managed to go every workday morning last week twice with my Friend Jeanette, once for PT and once for a HIIT class. I loved it, mostly…I mostly loved it…I didn’t much like the bit where I climbed over a wooden box and somehow managed to whack my leg on it and developed a huge bruise…

Still…yay for lots of gym work. I need to start writing down what I do again, and actually trying to improve and suchlike…That will be the next step πŸ˜€


I forgot to take many photos…

 The other thing that has started with a vengeance is….

Dancing season!! 😁😁

Horsham day of dance was this weekend, and it was awesome!!!

I am just about fit enough to dance in a mask..but I am going to put more work in so it feels a little easier, especially on the ankles!!


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