The perils of morris dancing

The perils of morris dancing and not doing your physio exercises when told to…

Or possibly the perils of dancing on uneven pavements…

(it makes me happy that there is a Doctor Who gif for nearly every occasion) 

Ok, yes…I’ll get to the point…

On Saturday Mythago danced out at Winchester Mayfest, I was dancing as a fully fixed non injured member of the side. I had my ankles taped up with rock tape because taping bits of myself together with rock tape is what I do, even when I am not injured…

In short I was finally beginning to feel like I was getting back to, if not peak, then actually well onto the up slope of the peak approach…

Then I tripped over.

I was turning round and I (think I) caught my foot on something and down I went with a bang! I landed hard on the paved surface on the right side of my leg and my right arm. After my initial terror and flashbacks to falling and breaking my ankle, I realised I could still move and tried to get up and carry on…I did get up but was extremely shaky and a lot of bits hurt. The good news is I am just bruised and a bit sore not broken this time (phew) 😀

Tripping over is something that can happen to anyone, there is a good chance I was just unlucky. However, my balance has definitely been off recently and my ankle are definitely still weak. So, I decided it couldn’t hurt to start up the physio strength and balance exercises got after the break.

It turns out that my balance is not great on either leg but that my right leg is much worse. I broke that one in 2011 but hardly did any work to correct it at the time, this in itself is a pretty good indication that I should work on it now. Strength is not too bad, but could definitely improve.

So, I am busily standing on wobble boards, going up on my toes one legged and hopping about the place… fingers crossed it helps!

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