Transform 20

So Project Regain my Springiness, which is what I have decided to call the addition of running and jumping and such to my regime, is go! Yes, it does have to have a name, what sort of project would it be without a name!!


So far as part of the project I have started, Shaun T’s newest workout, Transform 20. Well, when I say started I have done the sample workout and prep workouts, but that counts! I can tell you this, it is going to be tough. I am not surprised, after all it is Shaun T and he does have a reputation for making workouts that are hard but effective!

It is a Step based workout but it is in no way step aerobic in the way everyone things of it! It involved stepping, jumping leg strength, burpees, all sorts of thing not normally associated with step aerobics. Coincidentally they are all the sorts of things I need to do to get my spring back!

It is not like this ^^ There is nothing wrong with a traditional step class, it’s just not very me.

From what I have experienced so far it seems like it is going to be Insanity with the added complication of using a step!

ok, I am not sure how I am going to do some of that…

I will, of course keep you updated about how I am getting on… 😁


Well I seem to be smiling in my pictures which is a good sign…

If you are wondering why I am choosing to do another new workout, well, for a start, you must know by now that I like new workouts….but aside from that a 20 minute workout is perfect for fitting in around all of the gym/walking/running/dancing I already do. I have no intention of stopping any of those other things, so adding 20 mins extra seems much more doable than the 50mins+ of insanity 🙂


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