This week so far…

This week so far has been confusing and energetic…

Confusing because it was bank holiday on Monday and this has left me with no idea what day it is!

Energetic because I am on a mission to get myself better at dancing (I might have mentioned this…) and still training for my 50 km walk in September.

So far this week I have:

Gone on two walks (7km and 2km),
Gone to the gym 3 times,
Done Transformation20 twice,
Run once,
Danced for 2 hours.

I currently have achy legs and am having trouble staying awake. On reflection doing Transformation 20 after dancing last night and getting up to go to HIIT class before work, was probably bad planning and resulted in far too little sleep.

However, aches and sleepiness aside, this plan of mine seems to be working! I danced at practice last night and I felt much better doing it than I had in a while. I didn’t lose my balance, and I felt better continuously stepping 😀 I have no idea if it looked better to an outsider, but it felt better and that is an excellent start!


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