Juneathon day 2: dancing and the face of failure

Today was a day of dancing…

It was the Floral Fringe Fair which is always a good day 🙂 I got to be the dragon in the dragon story, I got to wear my orange kit and I didn’t fall over at all so those things were good!

I am, however extremely frustrated because I am not dancing as well as I know I can, or at least I could if I was at full fitness!

So despite having a fun day I still came away feeling like I need to do more, and to work hardest! I feel like I am fighting so hard and getting nowhere 😦

Me as a dragon…

In an attempt to do more, and to get fitter, I went out for a run when I got home.

Well I tried to, but my toe hurt so badly I couldn’t run. (My toe has arthritis…it probably won’t spread but it is always painful to some extent) I really tried to run, but I ended up having a very short walk during which I managed to convince myself that I was a ridiculous failure. I don’t feel like I am making any progress and I am barely managing to control my eating 😦

Annoyed and frustrated when I stopped running
A bridge
The face of the failure I felt I was when I got back to my car

I have had rest and some food now, and am generally more positive…

I’ll be back on form tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Juneathon day 2: dancing and the face of failure

  1. That’s not the face of failure. It’s the face of perceived failure x

    I’m sorry you feel so bad about yourself. I’ve seen some of what you do and it is amazing. I can’t be there to help, but know that you have a friend who knows that you are so very much more than you think you are. (A muddlesome sentence. One which you have to say thrice to appreciate it and thrice backwards to get the full, magical power imbibed in its confusing depths 😉 )
    Here’s to tomorrow being a better day x x

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