The system works…

The juneathon focused amongst you may have noticed a suspicious lack of posts since last week…

I can’t deny it I have been lax in my approach to blogging since last week, but not in my approach to exercise πŸ˜€ In my defence there has been a lot going on in my head since last week, not all good and not all just in my head. I’ll explain a bit more in a different post, but its nothing to worry about now πŸ™‚

This post is a general update on how things are going with Transform 20 and the C25k and the walking training and everything else I am shoehorning into my life πŸ˜€

In short…pretty well!! The system definitely works!

I may have mentioned previously that I am foregoing weighing myself due to the weirdness of weight fluctuations which can be caused by so many different factors and yet are so emotive… I have, however decided that so I am not floundering about completely in the dark, I will measure my waist. That’s it, one measurement. Not what the PT in me would recommend but just enough to be measurable (‘scuse the pun) but not enough to send me into a flat “must eat less and exercise more” spin. Yes, for many reasons this is very likely just now!

Anyway, Since I started project regain my springiness, I have lost 2.5cm (that is about 1″ for the non metric amongst you) from my waist. This pleased me so much I thought I’d go back over some previous measurements just to see what had been going on…

Well… since the start of November when I did two crazy back to back eating/gym challenges, I have lost 7cm (2.8″) from my waist. It’s not massive and it’s not super quick but since the initial challenges I have been doing this my way. No super restrictive diets, no cutting out carbs just a sensible controlled amount of calories made up from balanced, reasonable foods. Balanced reasonable foods, that I like and that probably don’t constitute “I’m on a diet” foods to most people.

I think this is because I am not on a diet as such, I am just switching my modes from eat everything mode to eat like a reasonable human mode!

The other reason I know the system works is the surprisingly large improvement in my benchmark exercise numbers on the Transform 20 programme!

I shouldn’t be surprised, I know Shaun T programs really work if you follow them!! But I am shocked at how much better I am doing each time!!

At the end of each minute of transformers (as the benchmark thingies are called) I couldn’t do a single one more, and yet the next week I have improved 😁😁 this has pleased me even more than the size change!!

I need to remember these things when I am down on myself! I need to stop listening to the critics (including the inner ones) and remember that I can do anything if I put my mind to it!

Now,Β  to prove I haven’t been resting on my laurels (or even sitting on my begonias) this June, here are some photos of some energetic thingsΒ  have done!

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