Basically, Run!


I feel sure I have used that title before. I have definitely used that GIF before and I am pretty sure I will use it again!

Well…it’s a good GIF and it pretty much sums up why I run! I’d forgotten (how could I have forgotten this!!) and part of me thought I run because I dance better when I run. This is true, but it has never been the real reason that I run.

I run in case I am ever called upon to spend time in the TARDIS with the Doctor, or fill in for the Doctor in any way. There is always running involved, and If I am not very good at it I will get captured, or exterminated or deleted or some such thing!! I explained it all in a post I titled “The Doctor Who Contingency” in August 2015.

So, what with broken ankles, and being put off running for ages by a terrible half marathon, I am a little out of practice! This will never do, I need to get up to speed, or at least up to endurance 😁

So I have, in true Warrior Goddess style, signed up for a thing!

Its not a race this time, I know I don’t play well with others, well I don’t run well with others so I have resisted that.

I discovered a thing called RunBetΒ it is like a StepBet which I am sure I have mentioned, but it is about running not just steps. Basically, you find a game and pay money to join, all of this goes into a great big pot. Each game has rules, and as long as you follow the rules, you get your money back and a share of what is left in the pot from the people who didn’t make it. It sounds a bit mercenary, but it doesn’t play out like that πŸ™‚ basically you are betting on yourself, and the fact that you get your stake back when you succeed is enough for me.

83b478c4-02ac-45ba-9d68-9265255b8818Β The rules of the game I have joined are quite simple, I have to run four times each week for the next four weeks. Each run must be for a minimum of 30 minutes and must be 18 min/mile or quicker. 18 min/ per mile is equivalent to 11.18 min/km and even now, in my slow running, returning to running form, I can normally get under 11 min/km. Not far under…but under πŸ˜€

So far I have done two out of my four runs this week, which sounds impressive until you find out that the week, for some reason, starts on a Thursday. So, I have to run today and tomorrow to get this week’s done and then start again πŸ™‚ It is ok though, I will do it πŸ˜€


Yes I do!! Let’s go 😁

6 thoughts on “Basically, Run!

  1. That sounds like a great motivational tool. I’ve finally worked out how to show all of my walks on a map at one time. I’m hoping the thought of walking around places I haven’t been before will motivate me.

    Is there a metal detector as you enter the Tardis? I’m only asking because I’m concerned that you might not be allowed in whilst weilding your Warrior Goddess axe.

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    1. I think you are allowed an axe in the TARDIS as long as you promise not to hit anyone with it 😁
      I think showing walks on one map is a good motivator too πŸ™‚ I like stravas hotspots feature which does a similar thing 😁


    1. Thanks πŸ˜€
      It is actually a pretty good motivational tool πŸ™‚
      Stepbet and runbet, they are run by the same people who run the dietbet site which i tried but weight loss is so unpredictable that I didn’t like it. The other two are pretty good though πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks for the info! I actually just signed up for a StepBet event so we’ll see how that goes. Once I get back into running, I may try that. Excited to see what happens in 6 weeks!

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      2. Oh brilliant 😁
        I have done a couple of step bets and they do motivate you…
        I have been known to have to march up and down my kitchen at 11pm just to get my steps πŸ˜‚


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