Running and walking and melting…

Sometimes I wonder why I sign up for the things I sign up for…

Even more pressing a question is why I sign up for these things in July!

In case you hadn’t realised we had a mini heatwave here in the UK last week. Compared to other places with hotter weather, and more consistent weather, it was not *that* hot and it only lasted a week, however, over here in the perpetually damp UK, we are neither used to, nor set up for any degree of hot weather. We are just not used to it, and it is always a shock! To be fair to us, we did have the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK last Thursday…so it is understandable that we are not acclimatised to that!

Consequently, my running and my walking were both thwarted by the heat. I still did some, just not as much as I “should” have done. I am not beating myself up about it though because I would have overheated significantly if I had tried more. Almost nowhere over here has aircon, so it is very difficult to get properly cool.

However, before the heatwave, the running was going pretty well 🙂 I was definitely improving mentally and physically, I was getting a teeny bit faster and coping with the intervals better. This is the thing I like about running…I can see and feel progress pretty quickly and as long as I only compare myself to me, I am pretty happy about it!

I had to dial back on the walking a bit too, I still walked, but not as much as 175 miles in July required. Luckily before the 25th of each month you can alter the challenge distance. It felt like cheating, but I only reduced it to 150 miles which is still a challenge in a month tbh! I am well on track for 150 miles and have definitely not been short of walking, I just needed the flexibility not to have to dehydrate myself in all that heat!


The good news is, it is windy and rainy again, just as we expect in summer 🙂

Running and walking will resume as normal very shortly 😀


6 thoughts on “Running and walking and melting…

    1. It is *usually* not that bad all year round in the uk, it can be quite warm or quite cold but nothing too extreme… you do have to like rain though…
      Just occasionally it goes to extremes to catch us all out!


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