September kettlebell fun…

I decided that I want to do more kettlebells. I used to do kettlebells all the time, then for some reason my use of them waned and now my lovely kettlebells sit gathering dust and in one case, acting as a doorstop.

This will not do!

It is time I dragged my poor neglected kettlebells out into the open once more.

So filled with new idea enthusiasm I searched kettlebell challenges and kettlebell workouts and the like. I found a plethora of beginner kettlebell challenges which didn’t actually seem that challenging. I found the 10000 swing challenge which, in all honesty, might kill me just at the moment. Then I found this:


For some reason I decided that this looked like fun :-/

My trainer got wind of it, and I tried it out at the gym the other day, only he decided that instead of burpees, I would do kettlebell goblet squats:


It was hard! The whole thing is supposed to be done as an EMOM so that as it goes on you get less rest and more exercise which is pretty much a killer.

So, in my infinite wisdom I have decided that I will do this kettlebell workout every day in September! I am going to keep the swings the same but try different supplementary exercises every day…

The plan is to do this on top of my normal gymming and my (now customary) challenge to attempt to walk 175 miles during the month!

September the first was yesterday…I started with swings with a 16kg kettlebell and squat kicks.




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