Getting back to business…

By business, I do of course mean the business of me exercising and whatnot in order to be as fit as I want to be…

Fit enough to live my live.

Fit enough to walk and run and climb and jump as much as I want to.

Strong enough to lift anything I like and rescue my friends from peril.

The judgmental bodyshamers have had space in my head for too long! It is time they got kicked out on their arses!

So here I am, back on the path I chose for myself! I was on a mission before they threw their “helpful” spears of “wisdom” at me. A mission to become the me I want to be, a springy, bouncy, fitter me who is happy in their own skin.

So here I am getting back to it. Fitness and feeling great is as always my first goal, and if, as a result I end up a bit less wobbly and a bit happier in my clothes then there is nothing wrong with that. It is possible to be entirely body positive and still want to lose some fat.

I am just not making it my main focus because that way obsession and starvation lies!

I am also not saying that thinness is the key to happiness. I think you probably know me well enough by now to know I don’t think that! I am saying that, for me at least, more movement leads to more confidence which leads to less comfort eating, which health-wise is no bad thing!

So, down to business, what have I been doing and what craziness have I committed to…

Well, obviously I am still gymming, I love it and I have a lovely new programme from Matt to get on with so that is definitely going to continue being a thing!

In the gym once for PT and once with Jeanette doing the programme Matt set 🙂

It is a brilliant programme because it mostly concentrated on legs… well legs and back and a bit of arms…but mainly legs 😀

Ok…I am not going back to completely unbalanced training…It also contains shoulder rehab fun which I have already mentioned somewhere around here

So that is good gymming sorted for the time being at least, and there I no reason I can’t supplement this awesome programme with kettlebell fun or some other such thing 😀

f62172ac-d2c0-47c7-9bad-c1950ac3b24fI am also walking, I have been walking all year, so this one is probably no surprise. What with one thing and another, my september mileage was a little bit down, I still got my meadal and am still on track for doing a walk challenge every month, but September wasn’t great. October, however I have signed up for 150 miles, so I’d best get a wriggle on 😀 I am more or less on track too which is good 🙂

Last but by no means least, I have started the Transform 20 programme again.  

I started it back in June and got about 4 weeks in before things went haywire and I lost motivation. However, the system definitely works, and I shall be doing it again…with any luck (and some determination) I’ll get to the end this time 😀

Its brilliant, and hard… well is a Shaun T workout, it is going to be hard! The really good news is, in the benchmarking from yesterday’s session (day 1 weeks 1) I was better than I was the last time I did day 1 week 1 😀 I am not as far off track as I thought 😀

So that is what I am up to at the moment, I have a renewed enthusiasm for jumping around and doing crazy fitness things and you know what, it is already making me feel better 😀

Ok… I know I said would tell you about the crazy things I had signed up for…well believe it or not, there is nothing crazy in the pipeline!!

I am, of course, looking for the next challenge, so if you ahve any ideas then let me know 😀


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