This week I am making a plan!

To quote one of my best friends from school… “its always good to have a plan!”

Admittedly the plan to which she was referring at that point was to buy the Royal Yacht Britannia when it was decommissioned and celebrate the millennium aboard it…

Funnily enough this didn’t happen, mostly because 6 x 23 yr olds can’t afford to buy Royal Yachts no matter how decommissioned they are…

However, she was right in theory, it is always good to have a plan, I always get a lot more done when I have a plan πŸ™‚

Here is my actual plan…written on my mousemat

Just in case my plan is not clear from this picture, I will outline its main features. I promise I am not trying to buy any royal forms of transport…

  • Continue with Transform 20
    This is only 20 minutes a day and, although I never want to do it, it is easy to fit in and brilliant for increasing cardio and therefor fitness πŸ™‚
  • Walk walk walk!!
    I need to at lunchtimes and after work, as well as much as possible during the day, otherwise I won’t get my 150 miles this month…
  • Gym gym gym!
    Well at least 3 times a week, preferably 4…
  • Return to Savate
    This is my stretch goal, I really want to go back but it is late and far away so I always talk myself out of it…
  • Track my food
    I want to get back in control of my eating, mainly my snacking habit, so I need to track what I eat, this has a knock on effect of making me want to eat more healthy foods, mostly because that way I get to eat more foods!
  • Sleep 6 – 7 hours a night
    This doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me will be an improvement!

So there we are, that is my plan for this week. Well, the fitness and exercise parts of it anyway. I have other things I need to achieve this week, so my sleep goal might fall by the wayside, but we will have to see πŸ™‚

I will keep you updated!


2 thoughts on “This week I am making a plan!

  1. My mother often groans when I inform her that I have a plan. It is at this point she asks if it is one of my “cunning plans”. I have noticed that if I answer in the affirmative, she is far less likely to allow my plan to proceed. So, somewhat cunningly, I now lie πŸ€₯ and tell her that it isn’t a “cunning plan”, just a random, run-of-the-mill type of plan. I fear she has become somewhat suspicious though of the lack of “cunning plans”.

    As to whether they get things done or not… Of course they do! Well done to anyone who makes plans. (unless my mum comes along and nips them in the bud because they’re too cunning. Then they’re a bit useless)

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    1. This one is definitely not cunning…not cunning at all, just in case your mum asks πŸ™‚

      Actually it’s probably not that cunning…more of a to do list made before I do the things…

      This is unusual for me…I have a habit of adding things to to do lists after they have been completed, that way they are more accurate but far less effective 😁

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