This week’s plan: Monday

Monday went pretty well…

Mondays, typically are less active than other days of the week. Well that is true for me at least, I can’t speak for the rest of the world…


I know the old whatsit about never missing a monday, and that mondays are for new starts, but that is not really true for me. Mondays are just another day and new starts can happen anytime you like! Monday just happens to be the day I have not managed to convince anyone to come to the gym in the morning so ends up being less active… Not inactive, you understand but typically less active…

Anyway, yesterday, health and fitness wise, I managed to complete everything on my plan 😀


Look here is is, my plan, or to-do list if you will…

Look at all the lovely ticks!

I walked, and I walked again and I did Transform 20 when I got home! Not only that but I tracked my food, and as a side-effect of tracking, I didn’t snack constantly from the start of work to the end… This is a definite improvement 😀

I decided to trart Transform 20 again from day 1, I did some of week 1 last week but what with extreme busyness and other exercises, I didn’t do all of it. So, week one, day one, was what I did. The good news is, even without the full week last week, I have still improved my benchmarking transformers 😀


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