New week new plan…

Ok, it’s more or less the same plan, a couple of changes here or there but still…

It is definitely a new week…

Anyway-David-Tennant-Doctor-Who-So-Anyway-GIFAnyway, last week, I had a plan. It was pretty good as plans go, it wasn’t particularly cunning, which is good actually, because it means that my friend Methalda’s mum wouldn’t need to veto it! What it was, however, was too full of things! I planned to do more things than I had awake, not at work, hours available. So, as work expect me to turn up and be productive, and I haven’t yet figured out how to live without sleep, I had to forego a couple of the planned things. I still managed to get a lot done though! I walked nearly every day, I went to the gym twice, I did some Transform 20 (not every day but still) and I also managed to get a lot of Lucy’s photos sorted and edited from her amazing book launch last week! (PorterGirl 4: Footsteps of the Templar)
I know I didn’t mention the photos last week, but I was official photographer, so I have to actually get these done in a timely fashion… 

I am considering that quite a successful week. I could have done better, I admit to not being 100% productive all of the time but still not too bad really and I did something every day! I also tracked my food, which meant I managed to snack much much less and eat a reasonable amount of food for a human rather than eating all the food I could find…this is a definite win!

So new plan for the new week.

  • This week I will get up every day and either walk or go to the gym.
  • This week I will walk…a lot…I have to do 10km every day up to and including Thursday to get to my 150 mile goal so walking is going to be a thing!
  • This week I will go to the gym 3 – 4 times
  • This week I will do some yoga at home (I miss yoga)
  • This week I will track my foods

I will also do more photograph editing and some of my sketchbook.

So, that is the plan.

In addition to this plan, I have my eyes peeled for a new challenge, preferably not a running or walking based one… If you have any ideas let me know 😀

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