Body Diversity Is Not About Condoning a Lifestyle

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If there’s one thing I encounter daily on my social media, it’s the accusation that my existing in a fat body means I condone an unhealthy lifestyle.

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God forbid I’m not lamenting on how ugly I am, how dissatisfied I am with my looks and oooh how much better my life would be if I were skinny. If an apology is what you want from me for my size; you’re never going to get it.

It’s been an odd time to be alive in the midst of the body positive, fat acceptance, body diversity movements. Whether you subscribe to any of those things or not; you have to admit that the sheer amount of people being more vocal about rejecting society’s standard of beauty has been amazing to see.

With all of that being said, let me be clear on my thoughts.

If I identify with any movement, it would…

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