New Plan!! (I have to pull a truck!!)

So, I entered a Strongman(woman) competition!

Yes, you heard (read) that correctly, I have entered a Strongman(woman) (strongwoman? strongperson?) competition!!

A few weeks ago, I believe I mentioned that I was looking for a new challenge…

Well, I decided that strongman was the way to go and after some deliberation and whatnot, I entered a local competition that I happened across on Facebook! I paid my entrance fee and I entered the Womens Novice category. I am very very novice!!

img_1446The competition is called West Sussex Strongest, in Crawley.

I had a look at all the events, realised that I can’t do any of them at the weight I need to, then I entered anyway…

Thank fully the comp isn’t until august which gives me lots of time to train. And lots of time to second guess the whole thing and panic…

Yes…I will be posting about this a lot in the coming months…

So what am I going to have to do I hear you cry…



So…all of that, against other people, in public, with an audience. It is safe to say I am terrified!

I am also excited, and looking forward to training. Once I figure out how to train for all of this, I can’t wait to get started!! I have a lot of work to do, it will be hard, but it will be fun… (hopefully)

Also…did I mention, I get to pull a truck!!

I don’t know what sort of truck yet, but it sounds super impressive! I get to pull a whole truck, by myself 😀

This is not me, I borrowed the photo from


10 thoughts on “New Plan!! (I have to pull a truck!!)

  1. Strong-wo-person?

    How do you train to pull a truck? I mean, it’s not like you can wander down the street, spot a likely looking one, and haul it away. Among other things, they probably left it in gear.

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    1. I haven’t quite figured that out yet…
      I am pretty sure hanging out at truck parks asking if I could pull one would get the wrong results…

      I might have to pull my car about… although I don’t know how…

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  2. Depends what sort of truck pull, as per photo, as per photo plus rope, or sat down pulling a rope towards you ( with a truck on the other end)
    Sounds cool, do we get to audience

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    1. Someone asked that on the page, they said harness and rope so I think it’s as lee picture with rope…
      I suspect (hope) the truck will be a little smaller too…

      You are most welcome to audience 😁


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