How Social Media is Silencing Marginalized People & What You Can Do About It

Never stay silent!!
If you read my blog you will know by now that I am never going to let any sort of oppression slide by if I see it. I will always fight.
I am not oppressed, I never have been. I have experienced some sexism and some fatfobia but this is nothing compared with what others face on a daily basis!
Read this, and do everything you can to help. I know I will be!

Dog Walks & Raised Fists

I am sure by now you have probably seen it on Instagram or Facebook. Your friend’s accounts being deleted for speaking out against racism, fatphobia, transphobia, homophobia, etc. while other harmful and dangerous accounts that are all those things are allowed to remain an cause harm to others. Those types of accounts tend to belong to people who uphold white supremacy, which is what Instagram is doing by deleting the accounts of marginalized people. This is a way of silencing people so no one ever hears the truth or their stories and it is violent behavior. It is not surprising that Instagram, who is owned by Facebook, is exhibiting the same type of behavior that occurs on Facebook’s platform. That is also why Instagram’s anti-bullying campaign is a crock of bull. Instagram is still allowing hate filled and dangerous content from accounts who are constantly reporting people in marginalized communities…

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