Strongman(woman) training…progress report

I am going to have to get to grips with the terminology of this sport…strongman(woman) is not going to cut it for much longer…

I have started the training… I started, with the help of Matt, with shoulders. Shoulders are going to be my biggest weakness, so it seemed like a good place to start!

That and I think we decided it would be sensible to see how much I could actually lift above my head, if anything at all considering me shoulder rehab stuff that has been going on recently…

Well, it turns out I could lift more than I thought over head, which is reassuring… I made it 27.5kg and Matt made it 32.5kg, it all depends on how much the axle bar weighs… Either way,  it was more than I expected

massive axle bar thingy!

and more than half way to the 40kg I need to be able to hoist aloft! Oh yes, and the axle bar is massive!! Especially taking into account my teeny hands!

As well as more shoulders with some neutral grip Dumbell clean and presses I have also been training legs and carrying stuff a lot!

I have deadlifted (80kg), done farmers carries (60kg), squats (65kg) and many varieties of pushing and pulling sleds (85kg).

I am already loving the training, and it is pushing me to attempt heavier weights than I have been doing recently, and it is pushing me to get up in the morning and get back to the gym, even on days when my gym buddy doesn’t come with me!

I still have a long way to go, but I am not doing badly for the first two weeks of training!

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