More of the same, and some yoga…

Its all go at Project Warrior Goddess, so much go, that I have designated a new sub-project… it Project Strong Enough to Pull a Truck 🙂 It will get its own page before too long…

I have been generally getting on with my strongwoman training, there have been some unusual methods of pulling and carrying things in order to start preparing me for the events, along with general strengthening 🙂

I even put extra weight on the viking press…this is a huge achievement, that thing is heavy on its own!

Just to prove I have really been doing this, here is an unusual video of me in action…(85kg sled drag)

Even this soon into the training process, I feel like I am already getting stronger, or possibly I am pushing myself harder to go heavier and am therefore feeling like I am stronger…

Either way I am on the way to stronger!


The other thing I have decided to do to compliment all of this strength training, is yoga.

Yes I know, yoga is strength training in its own way, or at least it can be… but it is a different kind of strength. It is also balance and flexibility, bot of which I am going to need!

I have done two little yoga sessions this week, and they both made me feel better! Although, as usual, they both made me realise how much I need to improve! I am considering another 30 day yoga challenge / programme alongside the lifting…one day I will manage to make this a habit!

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