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Even stronger woman…

Good morning people of the world!

I would like to report two new paddingtons were achieved this morning!
For the uninitiated, paddingtons in my world, in this particular context, relate to personal bests. (PB=Personal Best PB = Baddington Bear therefore, Paddington Bear = Personal best)

Today I did a 92.5kg hex bar farmers walk. I initially thought I was doing 80kg, but then realised it was actually 90kg (I mistook 15s for 10s in my original count up), once I had managed that, I added a sneaky 2.5kg and had another go 😀

I also managed a set of 3 70kg squats. This (I think) matches my highest ever squat weight and is certainly a PB since I broke my ankle last august 😀

This in my opinion, categorically warrants a paddinton bear 😀




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