Harnessing my strengths…

Ok, enough of political posts for now (I can’t promise it will be for ever mind you) back to strongwoman training updates.

Brian Shaw, Nick Best, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst

It has all been going pretty well. It is safe to say I am now obsessed with strongman (and strongwoman although that is harder to find). I have been watching as much Worlds Strongest Man as I can download from channel 5 and a programme called strongest man in history. All of these give me the impression that the strongmen involved are totally crazy. I mean, absolutely lift until your eyes bleed, even with dislocated fingers, crazy!

I am not in anyway that crazy.

I am not even slightly close to being as strong as this either! (that should be obvious tbh)

But I am working on it…

I have started my amazing programme set by Matt and, although I seem to have only managed 3/4 of each of the programmed activities each time (due to lack of time or surfeit of people), I have been suspiciously achy ever since. I suspect this is evidence that Matt knows what he is doing, and that I am working harder all of a sudden than I have been for a little while…

Its good achy though and I love it!

My programme is brilliant, it involves 3 days which are roughly split into pushes, pulls and legs and involves Such exciting things as: axle presses, sled drags, sled pushes and pulls, deadlifts, squats, farmers walks, and a whole host of other good things!

To facilitate this awesome training I have bought a harness for pulling stuff…

Like this:


Ok, not quite like that, although it feels a bit like that… possibly more like this:


Well…possibly not quite like that yet…

ok…I give up actually like this:


Excuse the wired arm position… I was not really sure what to do with them and the harness is a bit big on the shoulders so I had to hunch up!

That was 102kg though so I am really pleased 😀


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