Janathon 2020 – Day 2

There are some things we know are going to happen during January and Janathon.

One is that I will do yoga, one is there will definitely be a cat on my yoga mat and the third is that, no matter how much time I have available, I will always leave my yoga until far too late in the evening!!

I am keeping up all of those traditions today! I did Yoga Home Day 2 and I left it until almost 11pm! As usual I found day one hard… I always leave it far too long between my bouts of yoga-ing and forget how to do everything and generally how to move!

Yes I know I have been to the gym and stuff but lifting stuff is very different moving to yoga!!

Still it is going to be good fun and good for me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Janathon 2020 – Day 2

  1. Yay! Yoga! I need to get back into yoga too. I was going to start again on 1st January with Adrienne’s 30 days of yoga but am off on holiday so will start it when I get back. Just going to concentrate on doing a good post-run/exercise stretch on days that I run/exercise.

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