Janathon 2020 – Day 3

Hello! I decided to make an effort today to get all this exercise malarkey done before midnight!!

I started with my first gym session of the new year which also happened to by a PT session with Matt 😁 it was excellent there were squats of increasing weight up to 60kg and then tex rows and kettlebell rows and rowing machine rows (there were a lot of rows) followed by kneeling shoulder presses which made me realise that my balance is quite shaky…especially after all the squats and rowing 😁

I also realised that I am fitter than I thought but my endurance is not as good as it could be… that’s ok though, I can fix that 😁 Yes, of course I will tell you all about it!!

I even managed to get my yoga done before 11pm…I am not expecting to keep this level of organisation up but I am pleased for today!

Yoga was still hard but slightly better than yesterday. This could be because I had moved more and remembered I can actually move, or it could be because it isn’t 11pm…

The yoga was good, despite the extremely distracting antics of my meneciest kitten cat!! She thought it would be a good idea to walk under me and snuggle on my head every time I was head downward, she thought chewing my fingers in downward dog was helpful and finally that chasing and chewing my plaits while I was doing the floor bit was an good game…

She is extremely sweet though so I can’t possibly be cross with her 😁😁

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