Janathon 2020 – Day 5

I did running!

Not a New Years resolution just that thing I do every couple of months when I realise I am better if I do a bit of cardio occasionally.

I definitely don’t hate running anymore, but it was nice to just go for a run because I wanted to and because it’s good cardio in the good fresh outdoors. There is no pressure to be better. I want to be better because it is nice to improve at things but there is no time limit or pressure to be better by any amount. I just want to get better than I am.

It’s going to help the strongwoman stuff too…half of the comp is endurance based so good cardio fitness will definitely help!

I chose the Zombies run 5k trainer programme because it is fun and tells me a story 😁 I started again at week 1 day 1 because it seemed like the right thing to do…it breaks you in gently too 😁

Oh and of course there way yoga. I was tempted to miss it today but it was only 20 mins so I did it and as usual I am glad I did 😁

No photogenic helpful cats today…only the ones on my pyjamas 🙂 I also seem to have adopted the scarecrow hair look…

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