Janathon 2020 – Days 10 – 12

I know, I know I am supposed to be blogging every day… well… I missed a couple of posts. I didn’t miss the exercise though so here it is, in one go 😁

Day 10 – Friday

Friday I had a play with my lovely lovely new log.

Strongman log I mean, not a random piece of tree. I’d like a piece of tree but in this case a more engineered solution is probably more appropriate 🙂

It is an awkward thing which I was completely unsure about even getting up to my shoulders at first…but when I figured it out I then managed to get it all the way overhead!! Much to my surprise I managed it all again shortly after with little weights on the ends of the log… which took the whole thing to 32.5kg… which not only is a log PB but is an overhead PB…second of the week 😁😁😁


Day 11 – Saturday

Saturday took me to the gym…

Still odd for me this weekend gym malarkey but I am getting used to it…

I decided that leg day was the way to go so I squatted and pushed sleds and did the dreaded single leg leg presses!!

Even more exciting is that I got another PB…a squat PB this time 😁😁 72.5kg…

It’s a Paddington sort of a week 😁😁

Day 12 – Sunday

Sunday, I decided to add cardio to my regime again. I attempted to run.

I didn’t attempt very hard…it was cold and I didn’t stay outside for very long.

I did instigated a random alternative though. I decided to try Cize. A Shaun T dance based workout where you learn moves, attempt to do moves the put them to get her into a routine and try not to get lost…it was fun and pretty good cardio 😁 not too serious either which was good!

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