Janathon 2020: Update, days 14 to 22

Things have been happening…

Walks have been walked, things have been lifted…and put down again, some dance has been done (no, not morris, ‘Cize by Shaun T)…

What hasn’t been done is me telling you about the things. I know this is against the Janathon rules, but the other thing that has been done, a lot, these past few days, is sleep.

I am not the best sleeper in the world (probably…I haven’t entered a competition or anything so I don’t know for sure) but I have been trying to actually get a reasonable amount recently. I admit, last week it was somewhat down to necessity…I spent the entire week extremely tired for unknown reasons. THis week has been very similar to be honest. I am extremely tired and am generally fighting the urge to completely hibernate!

I don’t know if it is a reaction to an increasingly annoying/stressfull/ridiculous work situation, or if i am fighting off a cold (i don’t feel like i have a cold…but there are lots about), or if it is something else entirely, but it is annoying. I am tired and emotional and it is making me sleep more and be less active than I would like to be. Honestly, I am a lot less active than I need to be considering the strongwoman competition I have signed up for.

Still, I haven’t done nothing, there has been some lifting, some running (O_O) and lots of walking…


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