Janathon 2020: Days 23 – 28

Yes I know…this is supposed to be every day…well… it isn’t but I am still doing the things!

Lots and lots of things…

Sleeping is still one of them! I am in the unheard of position (for me) of having had enough sleep for a few days in a row and I like it a lot!! I am (maybe) beginning to realise that sleeping isn’t actually a waste of time…

Anyway…activitywise, it has been the usual story, walking, running and gymming. Yes I know gym isn’t a verb…it is being used like one though, as you can see!


I also had a migraine… which is why the number of days I am writing about doesn’t match the number of pictures I have. That and I walked about in the dark and didn’t photograph it…

The biggest news this week, however, is that I actually managed to get Mark to come to the gym with me. It was fun and he didn’t hate it đŸ˜€ yay!! You can see him up there in the pictures…he was more impressed than he looked!

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