I still dance in the gym!

Remember last week when I told you all about my record breaking sled pull (my records, it still counts!)?

still amazed that I don’t hate these pictures! 

Well, as is my habit, I posted the event to every social media outlet going, and then this exchange happened…

Helen is one of those blog friends who has been reading my blog from the early days and has now transitioned into someone I consider an actual friend. We have never met irl but that doesn’t matter in the slightest!

Anyway, this exchange on my FB page prompted me to go back to the very start of the blog and have a look at some things I wrote way back when entering a strongwoman competition was not even the beginnings of a thought!

This first time I deadlifted was way back in 2014, somewhere around April. That day I lifted 35kg! The next time I went I lifted 45 then 50 kg and I was so excited that I danced in the gym!

Now you might think that to progress to 100kg from 50kg in 6 years is not that good but when I have looked back at the things I have done in that time, I have had lots of time off from lifting what with injuries and more injuries and half marathons and dancing and generally getting distracted…

Looking back has made me see just how far I have come, I might not have always been dedicated to becoming super strong but I have always been dedicated to something. Somewhere along the way I have transitioned from the person who dances in the gym for a 40kg deadlift, to a person who is going to pick up 40kg in each hand and walk along with it! I have made all kinds of progress and I am extremely proud!

But you know what, I still dance in the gym when I get new PBs of when I reattain old PBs after an injury or when I simply do something I didn’t think I could do…like drag 175kg around!

Oh, and talking of reattaining PBs…yesterday I got back my 100kg deadlift!!

I had been doing squats then sets at 80kg when we set up for Mark to do sets at 100kg, and I just decided I would try it!

I had no expectations, I just went for it…and I did it!!

And yes…I definitely danced 😀 😀


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