The day I realised I like training shoulders…

I have always hated training shoulders!

Like always ever since I first started going to the gym at uni, 20+ years ago…

Which, now I think about it probably explains why I have always had comparatively weak shoulders…

However…this is not the case any more!!

Since starting this strongwoman training and getting my very own very awesome log to wave about I have suddenly started liking shoulder training!

Well, it’s not really that sudden when I think about it. It started when I broke my ankle and upper body training was my only option… I began to see improvement and that always helps me like things!

Now I am training in a bit more of a focused way and I am beginning to see the shoulder progress I should have seen ages ago if I hadn’t avoided shoulders, I have come to realise that I actually like training them!

There is something immensely satisfying about hefting a heavy thing over your head. Given that this is the basic gist of shoulder training, I don’t know why I didn’t see it before.

Probably because it is hard, it is still hard even though I like it, but it is worth it 😀

I have announced this to Matt in the middle of my last PT session so I assume I am going to have a lot more shoulder work in my future! But given that I have to do log press in the strongwoman comp, this is probably no bad thing!

This machine is made for giants…
This log is not made for giants…

Watch this space…I need to get 40kg overhead for reps in time for the competition in August, I am currently at 32.5kg…

I am aiming for 40 by the end of February, which is probably a lot of a stretch…

I’ll keep you posted 😀

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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