Self acceptance, success and sickness…

Alert alert!! I have had a cold!

poorly bear

I had a cold and I was very cross about it! I hate having colds! I had forgotten how much I hate them because I have had an unusual streak of good luck and not had a cold for a 2 possibly 3 years!

You might be able to guess, I am not the particularly brilliant to be around when I have a cold, I am mostly grumpy and whingey

So despite having a cold, I have still had to do such things as function as a human and go to work and stuff, consequently I also decided to do things I liked doing because I refuse to let an illness take all the fun out of life if I still have to do obligatory things!

(I was as responsible an ill person as possible, I washed my hands a lot and had hand sanitiser on me at all times…I used it before touching things…)

So that was sickness…

Now for successes:

I went to the gym 3 times during the plague outbreak (no I am not over dramatic) and somehow managed to get some PBs!! Well one PB and one equal PB… but I am still pleased! 


Number one…the equal PB…

I despite not really thinking I would, got my 100kg deadlift back right when I was the most ill! I didn’t plan it, I just decided I’d give it a go, and there it was!

I mentioned it already I think, in my dancing in the gym post…but I am extremely pleased so I thought I’d mention it again…

100kg deadlift…in my squat shoes too!

Next, the PB: This one is shoulders… I got a PB of 34kg on my overhead press! Well axle press actually, which is harder because the bar is huge and my hands are not… This is a huge thing for me, my upper body strength has always been much worse in relation to my lower body strength so as I have previously mentioned,  I avoided training it…

So 34kg (for reps) for me is massive!! Especially when you consider that in December I was only capable of about 28kg…

Me being proud of my strength!

Lastly, self acceptance

I accidentally took a picture at the gym which had a view of the back of me reflected in the mirror… you know what I don’t hate it so I thought I’d show you all 😀

not so bad really 🙂 can’t part my hair straight though 😀


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