I love this strong person thing!

I am probably going to have to settle on strongwoman at some point, but strong person seems to suit me better in my head…

Or possibly strong bear…


Like these chaps!

That little one has the literal definition of log press sorted!!

I think I have been a yoga bear, a morning bear, not a morning bear, a brave bear a yoga panda, an apologetic panda and probably some other bears over the course of this blog and my PB bear is of course paddington, so it is only appropriate that strong bears feature 😀

anywayAnyway, back to the training…

After having the dreaded lurgy two weeks ago, and only managing to train twice that week, I got back into the swing of things last week!

The lurgy finally abated after about 5 days of dreadfulness and bleugh feeling, and I headed into the gym 4 times in the last week and out for a run once!

This is a considerable improvement and I am much happier with myself! I do need to get my act together and get back to the gym in the mornings mind you. I have been (sadly) abandoned by my gym buddy so I have to go it alone…and we all know how well I do at getting up when I have no one to keep me accountable :-/

I will just have to keep myself accountable 😀

This week I have managed to train legs and deadlifts and upper body and pretty much everything, I have even managed to do some event training like dragging a sled around with my harness and carrying things up and down!

Its not easy, but I am definitely getting stronger!!

No PBs as such this week, but I have been much more consistent with heavy weights for reps! its a long time since I did sets of 90kg deadlifts 😀 I even managed to do 3 sets on the viking press with 5 kg added on to it! I know that doesn’t sound a lot, but the viking press with no weight added on is heavy!! I would estimate 30-35kg…

I am achy but I love it 😀 

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