Love it or hate it, I guess I am a runner…

The story of me and running, its a never ending cycle!

I keep coming back to it, but I still don’t know if I like it! I definitely don’t hate it… OK I almost certainly don’t hate it…but I also don’t love it…

I know this appears to be an extremely indecisive post so far, but that’s the way of it when it comes to running. Well that’s the way of it when it comes to me and running anyway. Its a saga. It is a really repetitive saga.

So, why am I repeating this saga again…well, I am yet again starting to do some running.  We have had 7 weeks in this year so far and I have managed to go for one run on 5 of them.

I know people who run and people who do the c25k thingy and want to improve at a reasonable rate recommend running more often than once a week (with one off for a cold and one off for it being the first week of the year) but due to my sketchy history with running, I am aiming at once a week for now and if I feel like doing more I will and it will be a bonus! So 5 runs in 7 weeks, I am pleased! I am doing the zombies run 5 k trainer because it is more interesting than the standard one and it tells me stories… then once I have found out what happens I can get back to the normal zombies run… I wonder if I’ll be able to / want to run 5 k at the end of this… who knows, I am not setting myself any expectations apart from, run a bit because I am fitter when I run and feel better in general.

I guess it boils down to the fact that whatever I do, however much I deny it, I am a runner.

Not a good runner, not a fast runner, not an obsessive or an exclusive runner… more a sort of reluctant-ish run-a-bit-walk-a-bit sort of runner, but it counts.

I am a runner because I feel better when I run. Ok I feel better mostly when I stop running, but you know what I mean!


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