Every day for 40 days…

No, I am not giving something up for lent…

I am taking something up for lent!!

Well increasing something anyway…


I have decided I am going to go to they gym every day during the whole of lent. Which means, from today, until Easter.

lent 2020
Lent 2020 according to google

Which now I have counted the days is actually 44 days…

I was under the impression that Lent was 40 days, I suppose there is a reason for this, I am not a religious person so I don’t know the ins and outs. I also acknowledge that this challenge of mine is not in the original or religious spirit of things, so an extra 4 days is fair enough.

I know that exercise every day is not a new thing for me or this blog, but I have always mixed things up and had days where I have walked or done home jumping about or some such thing. This is slightly different as I will have to make it into the gym every day. This is going to mean getting up early when I don’t want to, going into the gym at times when there may be more other people there than I am comfortable with, going to the gym at weekends…even if it is cold and rainy (I know cold and rainy isn’t really an excuse but there were storms!!)

However, I need to get used to these things. I need to up my training volume to get ready for this competition, whats more I want to do more than I am doing! I especially want to do more than I am doing in the mornings… I am battling the impulse to stay asleep and miss the gym in the mornings at the moment. I think this new challenge will help!

I need to accept no excuses!

Accurate representation of me in the mornings!

Yes I know the “no excuses” mentality can be damaging and it is acceptable to just not want to or to find you are too busy etc. The thing is, I am doing this because I want to. I am not doing this because I feel I have to or to earn food or whatever. I really want to train more and I know what motivates me, I also know I am not very good at getting up in the morning if I give myself any semblance of choice in the matter!

So 40 (44) days of going to the gym starting today 🙂 Luckily I actually managed to get myself out of bed this morning and made it there. It wasn’t the longest gym session in the world, I need to work on morning organisation and less procrastination, but I got up and got there 🙂

While I was there I deadlifted, I even managed 95 kg for reps and 1 rep of 100 kg, so I am pleased I managed to get myself out of bed 😀


It has just occurred to me that a just 7 days after the end of this 44 day long challenge, I will turn 44. I shall, of course, call this endeavour Project 44 🙂

Project 44 day 1 done!

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