Project 44: Day 3 – viking (press) warrior (goddess)

Project 44 day 3

Confused and sleepy.

That is the general description of my gym session this morning… I was quite late again but I got there!  What with one thing and another it is about 4 weeks since I have been getting up early for the gym on more than one or two days a week, so I am in the process of re-adapting.

This is a good thing, but during the process, confused and sleepy is the most appropriate description.

However, I got there and I did things.

Specifically I did shoulder things!

Push presses, and lat raises and viking presses!

it even says PB on his case!!

Viking presses are not as much fun as they sound. They sound like they would come with some vikings and a really good hat. However, they actually come with a really heavy machine and a lot of effort! That being said, and even taking to account my confused and sleepy state, I still managed a viking press PB 😀

So, it was all in all a pretty good workout even if it was a short one! And after all I am doing this to build habits, and 7 days of 35 min work outs is better than 1 or 2 days of 1 hour workouts!

To prove I managed to get there, I took some pictures, the two equipment ones are the push press and the viking press, although I have belatedly realised they look very similar…


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