Project 44: day 4 Leg day

The gym at the weekend is odd!

Well, no actually, the gym is exactly the same but it contains people I don’t know. Not even to nod to! Not even the staff!!

However, I suspect if I continue to go in at roughly the same time at the weekend this might change!

It’s still my gym though 😁 I still feel at home there!!

So I turned up just before 7 and it was fairly empty so I squirrelled myself away on my favourite lifting cage (it’s in the corner so I can see everything that’s going on!) and got in with squats 😁

70kg squats for 6 reps 😁 this made me happy!! I remembered my squat shoes which helped, and it would seem that slowly slowly I am getting stronger 😁

I did leg extensions and leg press too! I even asked some fancy weekend gym boys if I could work in with them on the leg press… they were finished and then looked mildly surprised when in said they didn’t need to unload it as I wanted 200kg! I ended with one set of 210kg which is a PB

I needed a sit and a sandwich after all that!

I also did some pallof presses which are mainly core not legs but core is extremely important to strong woman training…especially ones like me who are currently not wearing any sort of belt or whatnot…

It was a good workout 😁 and because it was evening and weekend, I actually got a longer session in than the rest of this week…

Day 4 done 😁

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