Project 44: day 6 – rest day…

A rest day in which I went to the gym and did things…

Not very heavy or hard things…but in the spirit of Project 44 and building new habits I arrived at the gym (not super early as planned) and did some cardio on several different cardio contraptions and some core with a giant bouncy ball.

Ok it was a swiss/pilates ball, and I kept dropping it on my face, but the effort was there…


Something is better than nothing, and all movement is good so I just did what I could…

Today is an extremely low energy day so I am pleased I achieved something and I am doubly pleased that I managed to achieve it in the morning! I could tell it was a low energy day when I got up feeling like I would have been back to sleep in a heartbeat if I hadn’t committed to this challenge. This was confirmed when I looked at my garmin’s fancy body battery setting and it claimed I was very low on charge. I have no idea how it works it out, something to do with movement and heart rate and stress and such, however, it is roughly inline with how I feel most of the time!

One of these shows before the gym and one after…

Despite this lack of energy, I did manage to get to for a walk at lunchtime too, it was finally sunny so I wasn’t going to waste the chance!


I know the walk doesn’t count towards the project but it was pleasant so I thought I’d add it in.

Day 6 done 😀


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