Project 44: Day 8 T-shirts never lie!

Well most of the time they don’t…

Well, ok, sometimes they do, but today mine didn’t!

The truth shirts…

Leg day is what my shirt said so leg day is what it was!

I made it to the gym 10 minutes earlier than I have been getting there, this is definitely progress…I will continue to make it earlier until I am back to 7am starts rather than 7:30…

But progress is progress and I still had time for lots of squats and some single leg leg presses. I am happy with my squat weight, while I was setting up for my warm up set I was reminded of the first time I deadlifted 50kg and danced in the gym… now that is my squat warm up weight πŸ˜€ I need to remember things like that occasionally, it cheers me up and reminds me how far I have come. I especially need to remember this when I get frustrated because I still feel so weak compared to everyone else!
(I know, I should only compare to myself and most of the time I can manage that but sometimes it is hard)

Anyway, squats…1 set at 50 kg then 3×5 at 70 kg Single leg leg pres 3×10 at 70kg (per leg)

Not bad really πŸ˜€

Project 44 day 8 done

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