Project 44: Day 9 My t shirt lied!

Well, not so much lied exactly, more was mismatched with the activities involved in today’s PT session…

See it says Squat like a grrrl, and what I did whilst wearing it was not squat, not even once!

Instead I did military presses and dumbbell single arm presses and two different sorts of triceps exercises on the cable machine. All of this, I am told, will help involve my pressing strength. I believe it too, there was a lot of pressing involved and that seems transferable! Also Matt knows his stuff and rarely lies to me, except possibly about the number of reps I have done…

All in all it was a pretty good session 🙂


Project 44 day 9 done!

6 thoughts on “Project 44: Day 9 My t shirt lied!

  1. I disapprove.
    If your t-shirt is pronouncing to all and sundry that you squat like a grrrrrrrl, then you should perform a perfunctory squat everytime you wear it. Even if it’s a very small squa t. You just can’t ignore your clothes like this!

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      1. I’ve just read that (as I am an unconventional sort of person and often do things in what others might perceive to be the wrong order) and I now totally believe that you shouldn’t allow your t-shirts to be liars. None of mine ever lie. (That’s because I make mine and haven’t bought the doo-dad which prints the vinyl words for them yet, as opposed to having particularly truth-saying tops though.)

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      2. I will hence forth attempt to make my t shirts truthful!
        Except the one that says “warning may start Morris dancing any minute” or words to that effect… that one may be a liar…

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  2. Nah. It says “may”. That lets you off the hook from dancing at any point. If you want to complete a quick two-step before heading out of the door at times just to prove that you bl**dy well can dance if you want to, then that’s up to you.

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