Project 44: Day 13 Oops I did it again…

OK…this is not one of the better songs I have used as a reference…but the title occurred to me and the song got stuck in my head so I thought I’d share and there we are…

Enough 90s music oh, no hang on this isn’t 90s music…this is 2003 music… eeek modern!

What did I do again I hear you cry…

Well…burpees, again, voluntarily!

And HIIT again, second day in a row!

What sort of nonsense is this…well it is 2 fold nonsense, firstly there is no point in being just strong, being fit as well is important. Come the apocalypse, I want to be able to out run the sufferers of covid-19…

if the apocalypse comes

No hang on that’s not where I meant to go with this, I’ll try again:

Come the strongwoman competition, I am not only going to have to move heavy things, but I am going to have to move them fast and repeatedly.

The second fold of nonsense involves my repeated desire to stay in bed which resulted in my getting to the gym later than I really wanted to. So I decided that the best way to spend limited time was doing HIIT circuits and some tabata!

yes, both!

HITT circuit was similar to yesterdays: Wall balls / Ski ERG / Bosu Burpees

For the tabata I decided to keep it simple and do one thing for all 8 intervals. Simple, but not easy…I decided to to the Ski ERG for all 8 intervals…this is hard, as I discovered about half way in! Hard but effective πŸ™‚

I might have developed a teeny little Ski ERG obsession… I don’t suppose it will last


For those of you out there concerned with the honestly of my apparel…this one didn’t lie today…I do squat like a Grrrl and I did today during my wall balls which all had a squat in them!

Project 44 day 13 done πŸ™‚


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