Project 44: Day 14 If in doubt, squat

I was in doubt…

I doubted that I wanted to do anything at all other than remain laying down and possibly be sound asleep this morning.

I doubted it, but I got up anyway as Tuesday is one day I can’t put the gym off until the evening! I haven’t put the gym off until the evening yet, because of the people, but I could. At least I could on every day but Tuesday.

So, I was in doubt, so I squatted.

Its the law right? It must be it says it right there in the title…

I may well have made that up, but it feels like it should be the law, even if it isn’t! It would certainly make people make decisions quickly if all the time they were doubting things they had to squat. I can just imagine the scenes in supermarkets when people were trying to decide on dinner…

Anyway, I am sure there was a point to this beyond considering the possibility of squatting in supermarkets.

Oh yes, that was it, I was tired, but I went to the gym anyway and I did squats, and single leg leg presses and some walking on a treadmill…

I managed working sets of 70kg (154lbs) which pleased me, I wasn’t sure I would be able to but I thought I’d give it a go…and it worked out 😀 I also managed 80kg (176lbs) on the leg press, single leg don’t forget so I am pleased with that and it is technically a new paddington. Single leg leg press paddington may not really count, but I am going to claim it anyway…my paddingtons my rules 😀 

I felt wierd and self conscious at the gym, which doesn’t happen to me very much to be honest. The one place I don’t usually feel wierd and self conscious is the gym. I was pretty sure that most of the weirdness was originating in my own head, so I refused to listen to it and got on with the lifting of the things!

Later that day…

In keeping with my idea that I might need to outrun plague victims or super powered zombies who have survived the coming apocalypse, I decided to go for a run.

Honestly it was a bit of a rubbish run, and probably not the most sensible thing to do on a day where I was already tired and had trained legs… However, I am all about maintaining habits at the moment so I got out and I ran, and walked and ran again… and by the end my back ached with a combination of DOMS from all the weekend’s deadlifts and sled pulls and my running oddly because my legs were really tired… however, I am now a little teeny bit fitter and more likely to be able to outrun the zombies!

Probably, after I have had sleep anyway…

Project 44, day 14 done 😀

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