Project 44: Day 15 core…a rest day…

Not a total rest…obviously!

I still went to the gym, otherwise project 44 would fail, and we can’t have that!

However as my Monday, which was going to be lighter, turned into tabata and a HIIT circuit, I decided I would have a lighter day today. I also decided that if I am going to continue training heavier and heavier weights on a regular basis (which I am) my core strength is going to have to match it.

So I made a start today.

I walked on the treadmill for as long as it took for me to decide which core programme/circuit/app I was going to do, which took 12 minutes of doing the hill programme on the treadmill, investigating apps on my phone and generally managing to multitask without flying off the back of the treadmill and dying or becoming a “hilarious” you tube  video. I am super proud of that because treadmills are not my strong suit!!

However, after 12 minnutes of getting annoyed with the apps on my phone because they all wanted my money to actually tell me things, I decided that I know enough about core exercises to work it out on my own.

So I did two core circuits:

two rounds of: 30s swiss ball plank / 30s swiss ball passovers / 30s med ball roll ups

two rounds of: 30s bird dogs (R) / 30s bird dog (L) / 30s dead bugs

For the uninitiated, this is what these exercises are supposed to look like:

I am pretty sure they didn’t look like that when I did them, because, aside from anything else I am not those people and my clothes were much brighter! 

That t shirt never lies!!

although in the spirit of full disclosure, the only flipping birds I have ever done (and that Grrrl advocate i assume) is the finger kind, I have never (to my knowledge turned any actual birds upside down…

and just to get away from that very wierd image, here are some pictures from my lunchtime walk 😀

Project 44 day 15 done 🙂

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