Project 44: day 19 dragging stuff about again…

Yes, you guessed it…more sled drags…slightly lighter today as I wanted to work on speed. So 1 run (there and back) at 135kg, 1 at 150kg and 2 at 160kg!

I even got mark dragging sleds πŸ™‚ and he took a picture of me doing it…I am going to be “brave” and post the picture despite the face that I hate it! The belt digs in and all I can see are the lumps…however I also look strong so here it is!

The other big news of the evening was the viking press!!

I got another Viking press Pb!!

15kg plus the press at 25 (probably) brings it to 40kg!! This is the most ever!! And i managed 3 reps…twice!! They weren’t brilliant reps…but they were reps and it was definitely a new Paddington!! I did other sets at 10 and 12 kg too 😁

Project 44 day 19 done

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