Project 44: Day 21 legs in defiance of covid-19

In a change to the new normal, today was PT day… I have reverted to the long held habit of having PT on a Tuesday! It is only a temporary revert mind you…

Today seemed to be legs again and some high reps, because Matt is mean! Ok no he isn’t he just knows me and makes me train the stuff I would probably ignore on my own, like Romanian deadlifts and 12 reps of goblet squats!

I do have achy legs no though!

I suppose, going to the gym every day is going to mean that I am pretty much always achy… I am just waiting to adapt! It is paying off though, I am absolutely definitely getting stronger and I am going to carry on going to the gym for as long as I can, as long as the gym remains open in fact!

In the face of the strange times we now find ourselves, I feel the need to mention Covid-19, it is fairly unavoidable at the moment, and I want you all to know I am not being totally irresponsible and hanging out with crowds of germy people and spreading germs far and wide!

It isn’t that difficult to avoid people at my gym, I try to avoid busy periods anyway!

look how quiet it is!!

The gym has put quite a lot of disinfectant and blue roll around the place too so we can act like responsible adults and clean the things we touch! I suspect the gym is quite a bit cleaner at the moment than it normally is…


Disinfecting kettlebells was the order of the morning…

So, for now project 44 will continue and I will keep telling you about all the crazy things I hae been lifting up and putting down again…

Later I might also tell you how I spent yesterday putting a photography exhibition up in a theater that today declared itself closed for the foreseeable future 😦


It looks good…but no-one will see it 😦


Project 44 day 21 done!


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