Project 44: Day 22 half way there…

Wooah we’re half way there-er
Wooah living on a prayer,
take my hand and we can make it I swear-er
Wooah living on a prayer,

Yes I know I used this same like/song/reference at the half way point of the original 365 project upon which this blog was based…but it is so good I couldn’t resist reusing it… and anyway, that was december 2013…noone will remember…

But anyway…yes I am half way through my current challenge, project 44 🙂

I did make it to the gym this morning, although after some wading through treacle when I first got up, I wasn’t as early as I could have been. I decided it was time for another rest from heavy weights! So I did something out of character and I hopped on some cardio machines!

I did 10 mins on the hill climb programme on the treadmill followed by 10 mins steady state on the cross trainer. It was a quicker steady state than normal too so it as absolutely better than nothing and it definitely counts 😁

This t shirt is actually a lie…evolution isn’t a choice.

I know what it means though and moving onwards and upwards and improving that is (nearly always) a choice!

Project 44 day 22 done 😁


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