Project 44: Day 23 a new Paddington day!

This morning I deadlifted 102.5kg!!!

This is a real actual PB and something I have been working on since the first time I deadlifted 100kg about 5 years ago… since then I have got to 100kg 4 times and each time something happens like a broken ankle or a half marathon or some such thing, that has set me back and I have had to work my way back.

I was beginning to think I would never get past 100kg.

But considering how much I have been doing recently I thought I’d give it a go…

I did sets of 60kg then 80kg then 90kg, then I just went for 100 and half way back to the floor I decided make it a double 😁

Then I thought…well let’s just see what happens if I try 102.5kg…

And I did it!!

My grip struggled but I did it!!

So that barrier is broken!! The deadlift world is my oyster 😁

I followed it up with some rows then I went and sat in a hair dress for the afternoon…

Everyone needs apocalypse hair after all!!

Project 44 day 23 done 😁

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