Project 44: Day 24 enforced revision…

So at 7:30 this morning, I walked in to the gym for what, as it turns out is going to be my last workout in the gym for the next few months 😦

I was sleepy, i was fairly grumpy but I managed an upper body workout that consisted of inclined bench presses, chest flyes and several sets on the Viking press!

My apocalypse hair enjoyed its outing too 🙂

Now, I never thought I’d say this… it I am going to miss the Viking press!

So, at 5pm this evening, the government announced mandatory closing of all gyms (pubs, restaurants, theatres etc)

So, project 44 is well and truest scuppered!

I was just adapting to every day gymming.

I had just got my deadlift weight up to 102.5kg

I know it is important to stop the spread of covid-19.

I know this is necessary, but that doesn’t mean I am gong to be happy about it.

So…project 44 is going to have to change.

From tomorrow, project 44 is unable to take place in the gym, but I fully intend to maintain the exercise and strength building habit.

From tomorrow project 44 will take place at home and will involve the log press, and the kettlebells and the trx and everything else I have here to work out with!

Project 44 day 25 done…

Project 44, changed but not forgotten, will continue tomorrow one way or another!

And yes I am definitely standing by my gym…I might not be able to get in there, but they are still my gym and I still support them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Project 44: Day 24 enforced revision…

    1. I was so sad yesterday!! But I have quite a bit of stuff here and now I have more on order… I shall sit it out and switch the project to home workouts!
      Thank you! I am obsessed with my hair at the moment I love the orange!!

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