Project 44: Day 25 and 26 new gym phase one

So, the gyms closed…

This caused me a 5 hour panic attack on Friday gym is so much more than just a place to work out. Not only that I have a gym for lent project to complete and a strongwoman competition to train for…so this weekend we built a gym!

Well…we already had the building in the form of a 16′ x 12′ shed which is fully insulated and brilliant. It has previously been the wood working shed and has, in recent years become a little cluttered…

So yesterday we cleared and cleaned and generally organised until the shed looked like this:

Extremely good progress I’d say especially considering we had to arrange the banishment of a large number of giant black spiders from Mordor!

The cleaning and clearing continued today until we had liberated a large amount of space 😀 we also liberate a fair amount of stuff which was to make its way to the tip whilst maintaining appropriate social distance of course! It also involved the unusual site of me hoovering a shed… not only the floor either, I hoovered the roof and walls and shelves and everything!

The next phase of gym creation involved the sorting out of gym equipment…it turned out I already own quite a lot. If you have been with this blog for a while you won’t be surprised by that. After all you will have seen the outdoor fitness and personal training endeavours I have engaged in…

This also involved som improvised strongwoman training in the form of dragging stuff up the very bumpy garden on a trolley with flat tyres…

Eventually after much carrying and dragging we ended up with a gym that looked pretty organised…

And when I tried it out later in the day it worked pretty well too 😀

I also remembered that sometimes…I am quite a hard trainer 😂

I even broke out the station labels I made all that time ago for my circuits class 😁

Project 44 (modified) day 25 & 26 done

2 thoughts on “Project 44: Day 25 and 26 new gym phase one

    1. It’s a good little trolley!
      We got it at the great Dorset steam fair when I had a broken leg (the first time) and had borrowed a mobility scooter…the trolley got pulled around like a trailer 😁

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